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Bikeholiday in Venosta Valley

The Venosta Valley offers a variety of options to fulfil every biker's heart desires, from the Via Claudia Augusta that runs from Reschen to Merano to the various e-bike tours that take you to the most beautiful mountain pastures in the Upper Venosta Valley, or the three-country enduro trails of the Reschenpass.

Recreational Cycling Tour from Reschen to Merano 

The Via Claudia Augusta is one of the most beautiful bike paths in South Tyrol. The trail is 86 kilometres long and goes from Reschenpass to Merano, making for the ideal day trip for the entire family. You can rent a bike at the South Tyrol bike rental station in Reschen and start your cycling tour to Merano from that point. There are rental stations at almost every station, so you can easily return your bike should you want to drive on to Latsch, Naturno or Merano. The day ticket for the South Tyrol bike rental system includes bike rental as well as a return ticket on the Venosta railway. 

Road Cycling in the Venosta Valley 

With its mountain passes, trails like Via Claudia Augusta, and well-kept roads, the Venosta Valley is the ideal starting point for all road cycling adventures and is a true paradise for road cyclists! 

While cycling in the Venosta Valley, ambitious road cyclists will find challenging tours and routes on the winding mountain roads, going over steep mountains and high-altitude passes. For example, a bike tour in the Venosta leads to the 2,758 metre-high Stelvio Pass. This road is one of the highest alpine crossings in the area and has 48 bends and a total elevation of 1,869 metres. The Stelvio is also one of the most important stages of the Giro d'Italia. 

Things to note: Every September, a cycling day takes place on the Stelvio Pass. On this day, the road is closed to all motorized vehicles and more than 1,000 road cyclists take to the road to climb the pass. 

The Reschenpass Three-Country Enduro Trails

The Reschenpass three-country enduro trails offer endless fun to enduro riders: 22 trails, 4 cable cars, 44 kilometres of trail fun and plenty of action are guaranteed. There is a trail for every rider, from demanding tours with serious elevation gains to easy routes. 

The MTB tours of the Venosta Valley in South Tyrol have been created according to the MTB rating and signage system and are consistently signposted. Moreover, the entire Venosta Valley (from Reschenpass to the Texel mountain range) is mapped on GPS, and the Venosta Valley’s climate ensures sunny days. 


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